Hell Hole 2022 English HD

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Just outside a desolate ghost town, inside a long-abandoned gold mine, lurks a dark being, conjured by the Shanowah tribe ages ago to destroy those that threatened to wipe out their people. Every one of the descendants of the miners who trapped it inside the Hell Hole mine suffer from schizophrenia. Some say it’s because of the family curse. Poni has come down with it. Her uncle and guardian Luke, believes that if he can get her into a private hospital, she might recover. But money is scarce for Luke and he needs to hurry before it’s too late. A friend suggests Luke try his luck at the gold mine he recently inherited. Luke puts little faith in old ghost stories, so he ventures to the mine in hopes of making enough money to save Poni’s mind.

Genre: Action, Hollywood, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Paul Collett

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